What To Wear On A Bike Ride

Comfort is the key to enjoying any sports activity. Cycling is not an exemption and being comfortable is one of the utmost importance. Imagine going out for a bike ride then spending the next few days walking like a cowboy. Or even worse having chaffing’s that will cause you discomfort for over a week.

Always ensure you have the right attire to keep you comfortable and make your cycling experience one to remember. Nothing kills your riding mood as getting soaked up or scorched up by the sun while on the bike ride. Always ensure that you have with you the correct attire in case of any weather changes. Lastly but not least you need to have the perfect attire to look good and boost your confidence. We all know that an outfit can boost your self-esteem and raise your confidence. Nothing shows confidence than having the amazing bike racing outfit that will not only protect you but also look cool on you.

Cycling jackets

BTWIN 300 Warm Cycling Jacket
There are two types of cycling jackets that you will need for you to enjoy your favorite sport. One is a waterproof cycling jacket that will keep you dry during a downpour. If you are an active cyclist then you know that wet weather is quite unavoidable. The weather tends to change with no warning, you could be enjoying a bright sunny day and the next minute you are getting all soaked up from the heavy downpour. Investing in a great waterproof jacket should be very crucial.

The perfect waterproof jacket will not only prevent rainwater from soaking you up but will also let your body heat escape and prevent you from feeling clammy and hot. You will also need a great cycling jacket to keep you warm during those awful winter times. Always keep in mind that since you ate cycling you are definitely going to gain some heat due to the exercise and get a cycling jacket that will protect you from the wind and not make you sweat a lot. Most importantly have a duffel bag to carry your cycling jackets. Keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable and you can get soaked up in the middle of nowhere. Also, the duffel bag will come in handy when you want to pack your jacket after the rain is over, you don’t want to be the guy cycling in a soaked up jacket even when the rains have stopped.

Bike shorts

Cycling is all fun until your pair of pants splits when you are on your bike ride. That will surely kill your cycling vibe not to mention live you embarrassed in front of your colleagues. Avoid all that by getting yourself bike shorts that are designed to protect you from friction and have the ability to stretch evenly and make it easier for you to ride your bike.

Moreover, the bike shorts are padded with a thick liner to give you more support and reduce moisture. This mechanism reduces the chances of bacterial growth when you sweat and keep you dry without clamping. Also, the padded shorts help cushion your bump and give you comfort when riding the bike. There are a few styles of bike shorts that are available in the market.

• Bib shorts
These are the most commonly worn shorts by the cyclists. They can be worn by both female and males as they are designed as a bisexual outfit. They are mostly worn with a jersey and they look like normal bike shorts. They are designed with a more comfortable pad to allow the cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the ride. They don’t have an elastic waistband that can restrict breathing or disrupt your digestion when on a full stomach.

• Mountain bike shorts
These shorts are the most common ones among riders. Sometimes these shorts are called baggies since they are designed with loose shorts on the outside as well as the spandex chamois liner. The shorts have pockets to store things like money or handkerchiefs. The shorts are comfortable since they allow for full leg rotation and flexibility.

• Skorts
This is specially designed for the ladies. Where the spandex is covered by a cycling skirt instead of a short to give more leg rotation for the ladies.

Bike shoes and socks

Avoid muscles cramps and other foot spurs when riding by getting the correct pair of shoe. For any cyclist, they need shoes with a durable sole that will offer ample grip and allow great leg movement. And obviously, try getting a shoe that is stylish especially if you are a commuter rider. Get a shoe that you can wear to the coffee shop and not look out of place.

When cycling you tend to sweat a lot since you are burning calories. This can cause your feet to be soggy and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can cause foot diseases. Getting the perfect pair of socks that will absorb most of the sweat is very crucial as this will allow your feet to remain dry and maintain nice smell. Also wearing socks helps avoid blisters from riding the bike.

Accessory items

Most of the accessory items will depend on the weather or terrain you are planning to ride. They include; caps, shades, gloves, leg warmers and arm warmers. Caps are mostly used during winter as they help reduce the amount of moisture and sweat running down your face.

Caps can also be used during winter and help add insulation in your helmet. Gloves are worn to reduce the amount of cold breeze getting in your fingers. Also, the gloves are used to absorb the sweat from your palms keeping your hand’s moisture free. This helps increase your handle grip as your hands have less moisture. The leg warmers and arm warmers are very crucial, especially during the cold weather. They are worn inside your shorts or the jersey and provide you with the needed warmth without tampering with the flexibility of your shorts. An added advantage on this leg warmers is that they can be easily slipped off when the weather becomes a little bit warm and the can be easily packed in your duffel bag.

Always ensure that you have worn the correct attire when cycling. Most importantly always remember to have your helmet on at all times as this will ensure that you are safe in case of any accidents.
All the best and remember to be safe!

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